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     Esperanza's Tortilleria, founded in 1980 by Teresa and Victor Martinez, a family-run business, believes that tortillas, chips, tostadas, masa (dough) for tamales and other corn and flour-based products should be made using traditional techniques. 

      Victor, a native of Guadalajara, Mexico, immigrated to California when he was seventeen years old. He worked at  El Charro Foods in Escondido California, a family owned company that manufactured corn and flour tortillas. Victor continued to work there all the while saving up and attaining the skills to start his very own Tortilla factory. Fortunately, Victor and his wife Teresa were able to fulfill their dream by opening their doors to the public for business.

 Behind the interior walls of a large building lies a factory filled with machinery that produces thousands of flour and corn tortillas which will then be served in homes and restaurants as part of an authentic meal. 





Over the the years, Esperanza's has earned an outstanding reputation among its customers due to its simple, yet consistent recipes and strong service. A wholesale and retail tortilleria, Esperanza's distributes to restaurants, grocery stores, and catering businesses throughout Southern California and is increasing its clientele to further regions.

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